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My name is Susannah Broegler and I’m the president of Compact Canine Rescue. 

Our rescue was started last fall by a small group of dedicated dog lovers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need. Most of our board started in breed specific dog rescues, but we decided we wanted to be able to help a larger population of canines.  After much discussion and brainstorming, Compact Canine Rescue was born. 

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer, in-home fostering rescue covering the mid-Atlantic states. We are open to any dog weighing 20 lbs or less. Our mission is not only to help dogs in need find their Furever homes, but also educate people on what it means to be a great dog owner. What may seem obvious to an experienced dog owner may not be as obvious to a first-time dog owner. The only way to ensure dogs live their best lives is to empower owners with the knowledge of what dogs need to be healthy, happy, well-socialized family members. 

It all starts with foster families. In order to save a dog, we must have a foster willing to open their home & hearts. Without those fosters, we can’t get dog out of shelters or other negative situations. Although we are always looking for foster families, we need other volunteers, too. So even if you can’t foster, if you have an hour a week to offer, you can make a difference. 

It’s been my privilege to be involved in dog rescue the last seven years and I cannot tell you how rewarding it is. My spouse, Sara & I, have personally fostered over 50 dogs in our home and it never gets old. Dogs have so much love to give. Even dogs coming to us from the worst circumstances—their resilience and unconditional love is truly amazing. 

If you’re not doing so already, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our posts to help us reach more people. As an all-volunteer organization, we count on our supporters to help us not only raise funds, but spread our message of responsible pet parenting and what makes a healthy and happy dog. 

Hope to see you on Saturday, October 8 at Howl-O-Ween Fest. Come out and meet our volunteers & pups! 



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