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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Bubbles

We're happy to tell you that Bubbles has a new furever home.
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Fee: $500

Location: Rehoboth Beach, DE

Foster Mom update 8/5/23:

Bubble is doing so very well!  Every day she is making small steps of progress.  She has learned to do her business outside, if taken out on  regular schedule.  She has learned to walk on a leash and she loves it!  She is a complete lap dog ... her favorite place is sitting in her person's lap.

She is still a bit intimidated by humans and other dogs, but each day make a little progress forward.  She is learning to be more comfortable in large spaces.  She has started sniffing at toys.  Bubbles still has a lot to learn about how to be a dog ... but she is smart and a fast learner.  She will make a wonderful pet for someone who wants a little dog to snuggle with!

From Foster Mom: 7/14/2023

Bubbles spent her entire life in a crate, making babies for someone to sell and profit from.  Thankfully, she has been rescued from that situation.
She is making good progress ... she is eating consistently now.  She is learning to go outside to do her business.  She is learning to wear a harness and leash.  She is walking outside, a little bit more each day.  And she is a little less skittish each day.  Humans still scare her, however, her eyes are brighter and she is clearly more relaxed. 
Bubbles has a long road ahead of her ... but she is showing promise of being a delightful companion for someone, someday soon.  With love and patience, she will learn what it means to be a dog ... and she will understand love!

Bubbles is a 5 pound, almost 5 year old yorkie.  Her birthday is in August. She comes to us from a puppy mill.  It is obvious this is all she has ever known in life.  She is very timid. She does allow handling and is not aggressive. But, she does not understand we want to love on her. Humans have never been loving and kind to her. She has never been a pet. She has only been a baby making machine. Well, that all changes now.

Bubbles is going to need a an experienced adopter who understands puppy mill dogs and their behavior.  Bubbles does not know how to walk on a lead. She has not experienced grass and fresh air like regular dogs. She lived her life in a cage making babies. She is going to need time to understand we are here to help her. We are here to make her life better. She can rehabilitate with us as long as needed and until we find the right home for her. And, we will find that home for her. She deserves the best!!

Bubbles has a severe underbite. It makes her tongue hang out in the cutest way. She will see the vet this week to evaluate her for a dental and to schedule her spay. We will work with her while she is with us to reassure her and help her through this time of adjustment.  We will post frequent updates on our social media accounts. Please follow them for the most up to date photos and information.