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Retirees (Corra’s Crew)


We Need Your Love

Inspired by a puppy mill survivor named Corra, Corra’s Crew is our pack of pups who cannot be adopted out for various reasons ranging from medical to behavioral issues. Instead, they are placed with an experienced foster family for the rest of their life, and the rescue pays for their care. They receive all the love and attention they deserve while remaining a part of the rescue as a “retiree.”

Corra’s Crew is an amazing program and offers a second chance to dogs who would otherwise be abandoned or remain in a shelter alone. Please consider becoming a supporter of Corra’s Crew through a one-time donation or monthly gift. No donation is too small. Your contribution will help a dog “retire” to live out their life in a loving home.
If you would like to learn more about the retired dogs in our rescue, please click on their profiles below and see how you can help us help them. If you are looking to share your life with a dog, please visit our AVAILABLE DOGS PAGE. If you would like to temporarily open home to a dog in need, please consider fostering.

Corra's Crew Retirees


A member of Corra's Crew and a cuddle bug!

Poodle - Miniature & Maltese
14 Years Old

Dachshund - Miniature & Beagle
0 Days Old

Whiskey is 5 pound bundle of love and the first member of Corra's Crew!

Terrier - Yorkshire (Yorkie) & Mix
7 Years Old