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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Jerry

We're happy to tell you that Jerry has a new furever home.
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Fee: $600 for both dogs ($300 each)

UPDATE:  Ben and Jerry have been successfully neutered and had their dentals done.  They healed and happy.  They are ready for their forever home!

Jerry is a sweet, mellow adult poodle or poodle mix.   We believe him to be around ten (10) years old and he currently weighs around 12 pounds.  Jerry’s coat looks like a soft black or a dark gray.  He loves to go for walks on a leash and smell all the smells!  When you are home, he naps, preferably on your lap or nearby while you work.  Jerry was found as a stray with his partner, Ben.  The boys were in pretty bad shape … who knows what they experienced during life on the streets.  They have settled into their foster home and appear to have been pets to someone at one time.  They sleep together in a large crate, and sleep through the night for the most part.  They are both sweet and trusting little guys.  We are working on their potty habits.  They were probably house trained at one point during their lives, but having been out on the street for a while, they need to re-learn those habits.  Their coats were severely matted, and it was necessary to shave them down, almost to the skin.  As their hair grown back, they will be even more adorable.

They follow their foster mom or dad everywhere.  They crave love and affection.  Belly rubs and ear scratches are much appreciated.  They are sharing their foster home with an older male shih tzu … they don’t bother him and he doesn’t bother them.

Both boys have mouth infections and very bad teeth.  Their teeth were clearly not cared for.  They will visit the vet on Thursday, January 12 for their neuter and a dental.  We anticipate that both boys will lose most, if not all of their teeth.  That will not stop them!  And their mouths will feel so much better as the damaged teeth are removed and the infection clears. 

Are you looking for a sweet pair of loving pups?  Apply for Ben and Jerry now … they will not be in rescue long!