I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Luigi

We're happy to tell you that Luigi has a new furever home.
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For inquiries please email karen@compactcaninerescue.org

Fee: $700

Location: Norfolk, VA

Luigi is small mixed breed dog. He weighs around 15 pounds and is 20 months old.  He is very active, loves walking and is working hard on his potty manners.  Yesterday (7/11/23) he didn't have a single potty accident in the house! 

Luigi loves walking, he is getting along with the resident dog and love his "special treat" when he does his business outside. Luigi needs someone who can continue his training to help him become a well mannered gentleman. He is making all A's so far and we want to see that continue. He currently sleeps well in his crate at night. He is not crated any other time. He is not given complete free roam but does have rooms he is allowed with gating. Too much too soon can feel overwhelming to young dogs.  He will eventually have the whole home to himself. 

**Fenced yards given priority. He loves exploring in the yard!

Luigi will have his neuter surgery Friday, July 14th and a follow up at the vet on the 19th. Once healed he will be ready for adoption.  Get those applications in now.  He won't be here long. He is one handsome boy! Just look at that smile!


From Foster Mom:

“Lui” is a HAPPY little guy looking for his furrrever home. He weighs in at a petite 10-15 pounds, best guess. Big dog energy in a little package. He needs a secure, fenced yard because he loves romping in the grass, sniffing, and working on his potty manners. Fencing would need to be appropriate for his size
to maximize safety. Great on a leash. Loves walks! He is getting along well with the resident dog in the foster home. Somewhat standoff-ish around new folks but warms up quickly and has a confident, generally calm demeanor once he gets comfortable in his surroundings.

The ideal family for Lui would provide consistent exercise, outdoor time in the yard and most
importantly NOT leave him alone all day without stimulation or in a crate. He likes his crate and sleeps well at night in it and is quiet but happiest when he is with the “pack.” He can be a bit whiny when he wants to get your attention. Very loving. He likes to show off his balance dancing on his hind legs and gets zoomies when he’s excited. Does not appear to be destructive, overly nervous, or show signs of separation anxiety. Very food motivated and a quick study. We are working on basic commands; “sit”, “wait”, “off” and of course, house manners.

He likes to show off his balance dancing on his hind legs at meal time and gets zoomies when he’s excited. 
He is house trained and goes out of doors to do "doggie business."
Luigi is ready for his new home!