Rescue. Rehome. Rejoice!

I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Major

We're happy to tell you that Major has a new furever home.
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Meet Major, one of the most “chill” dogs you will ever meet.  He’s estimated to be 8 years old, and weighs about 16 pounds.  Poor Major was found in an abandoned building … matted, hungry and dehydrated.  But you would never know it from his happy demeanor.  He has been to the vet and the groomer, and is happy to be with a foster family who is treating him to the great life he deserves. 

We believe Major to be a shih tzu or a shih tzu mix.  He is very low to no-shed, and he will need regular grooming to keep his beautiful coat healthy.  Major is crate trained and house-broken.  He is quite comfortable and really likes his crate.   At bed time, he even will go in on his own and settle in for a good night’s sleep. 

He is eating well and he really enjoys his walks, a couple of times a day.  A fenced yard is not required, but would be nice for those in-between walk times.  Major rarely barks, and has an absolutely adorable little snore when he sleeps.  He prefers the floor or his bed over people furniture.  He seems to be a quick learner and is quite smart. 

Major is not really a “snuggler” … although he really enjoys a good butt scratch, and he is a fan of belly rubs!  He doesn’t play much with toys, and he doesn’t seem to be treat motivated.  He does, however, LOVE some fresh cooked chicken to take his pills and to be added to his food bowl.

What does Major not enjoy?  He really does not care for car rides – they stress him out; so, he is not a good fit for someone who wants a dog who will road trip.  

He also does not seem to have much experience with stairs.  He will go up and down them, but is a bit tentative.  He’s getting more comfortable with steps every day, so it is most likely something he could learn.   He also does not easily jump on or off of people furniture.

Major seems to be fine with other small to medium sized dogs.  He has not been exposed to cats since he came into rescue, so we don’t know how that would go.  He is a pretty relaxed dude … so we expect he would peacefully co-exist with cats who left him alone. 

For his health and well-being, Major needs to be neutered.  That is scheduled for early in June.  He will be available for adoption shortly thereafter.   We will provide updates as we get to know him better.

UPDATE:  Major is a wonderful dog!  He is learning to relax in his foster home and as he has become more comfortable, he is becoming more playful, and more talkative.  He doesn't bark much, but we now know he has a voice.  He enjoys snuggling for a little while.  He LOVES going for a walk a few times a day.  He is fine with other dogs, however, he does not enjoy younger dogs or dogs who want to actively play with him.  His vision seems to be somewhat impaired, but he gets around fine.  And he seems to have some seasonal allergies which will most likely require medication.  We will discuss that with the vet when we see him next.  Major will definitely make a family very, very lucky!

UPDATE:  Major's neuter surgery has been delayed due to a few medical issues that need to be addressed.  Major has a heart murmer and has started cardiac medicines.  We expect they will be effective and be a lifetime requirement for him to remain healthy.  Major has also been diagnosed with dry eye, so he will be receiving eye drops for the rest of his life.  He takes his medicine well and tolerates the eye drops.  Neuter surgery has been rescheduled for later in  June to give the heart medicine a little time to work.  Major continues to be a delightful dog.  He has found is voice and barks a bit more, but he is not an excessive barker.  Early morning and sunset walks are his preference.  His age and his black coat make it challenging for him to walk in the bright sunshine during the heat of the day -- but he still loves his walks.