I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Sasha

We're happy to tell you that Sasha has a new furever home.
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Fee: $700

Sasha is new in rescue. She was seen by the vet this afternoon (3/22/23). During her visit, a significant arrhythmia and heart murmur were noted.  The rescue is discussing the next steps with the vet/cardiologist before we can safely spay this little girl. She was given some medications for her anxiety which we hope will subside once she is placed in a permanent home.  She has had so many changes in the last 24 hours.

Sasha is an active puppy. She certainly does not appear to have a heart issue.  She runs and plays like any other young puppy should. She likes being with her foster mom and follows her from room to room so far. She has only been in rescue for a short time (about 24 hours at the time of writing this entry) and is still scared and confused but seems to be settling in nicely. She likes the resident foster siblings, especially foster brother Henry, a 23 pound miniature schnauzer. The other foster siblings are older and do not wish to play, sadly. But, she and Henry are fast friends.

Sasha went for a short walk with foster mom this morning and walked pretty good on lead.  She has had a few accidents in the house but we expect accidents when a dog changes locations and routines.  She is still really young and foster mom will work with her on her potty manners.  She slept all night in the bed with foster sister and enjoyed the cuddles.  She has eaten well since arriving in foster care and doesn't seem picky.  She is still a little cautious taking treats but she will learn to trust.  She likes attention but is shy at first. So far she isn't much of a barker but that could easily change once she is acclimated to her new home.  She does cry when she is left alone in her exercise pen but seems to settle down quickly. She is not crying when we return home.

Overall, she is a sweet, young female who needs attention as well as reinforcement of potty manner and leash walking.  She will make a lovely addition to any home.

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