Puppies Aren’t Presents—They’re a Lifetime Commitment

Many kids (and adults!) hope to hear barking from under the tree on Christmas morning, but the reality of owning a dog is a lot  more than fulfilling someone’s wish list. Every year around February, animal shelters are inundated with surrendered pets  who were given as gifts during the holiday season. This is largely because those who give or receive pets as presents don’t realize what a large responsibility it is until they’re in the thick of it.

When adopting a pet, you should be prepared for a 15-year commitment (and if you’re lucky, longer). The responsibility of pet ownership is a big one—physically, mentally, and financially. Dogs need training, consistent exercise and stimulation, proper medical care, quality food, a clean environment, and of course a lot of love. We always like to stress the financial responsibility of pet ownership. Depending on where you live, a routine wellness visit can run $50-$150, not counting vaccinations and medications. Pet ownership can be expensive, but it’s worth every cent!  

Compact Canine Rescue, firmly believes dogs should not be blindly purchased or picked out. Instead, they need to be properly  paired with forever families. There are many considerations when matching dogs to people, such as: other pets in the household, family activity level, allergies, possible pet health requirements, and much more.

This holiday season, please help us spread the word that pets aren’t presents. They’re a lifetime commitment (and a lot of love!)